DIY DECOR : Decor frames (part 1)

Hi folks!
Has been while that I want to give a new face to my set but didn't know what to do ... one day researching some inspirations came me the idea of ​​a wall with decorative frames! I thought.. what a great idea! But after 5 min, I stopped and thought about how much I would spend to buy all the frames and thinking all the headache that would have to preach all those pictures (cause the place is not my .. so i would to spend money on the  painting and recorvery all those holes ..). After while thinking in a plan B.. I finally I found the solution! And that's the one that I will give to you now. 

Material Video 1:
- Mini art canvas.
- Fabric printed (one that you like it)
- Texts or printed photos (you save some of the inspirations down here to print there in your home)
- Glue
- Paint Brush
- Banana tape or double-sided tape 

Check out the the process below

Now, my wall is like this ;)

Click on the image to save and print :)

Você pode fazer o download gratuito dessas belezuras aqui embaixo (só clicar na referência)

Stay with me, cause the next week I'll show you the second part of this tutorial ;)
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See you soon !

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